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captioning made possible by michael landon productions and nci caption club place hasn't changed much. changed from what? from when i was a kid. you're from oakland. this is oklahoma. i spent time here on my grandpa's ranch. it's hardly changed at all. [pop] oh, great. just terrific!
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more car trouble since we met. it goes with the territory. i don't suppose you could... lay some power on it. save some time. i'm not the auto club. terrific. could you lend a wing? be my pleasure. we should find somewhere to stop. i can hardly see a thing. there should be a town somewhere. yeah, twin rivers. that's close to my grandpa's ranch. you want to see some friends? grandpa died when i was young. there's nobody left. want to see the old ranch? i doubt there's anything left. probably subdivided into condos or something like that. that's what really killed him,
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losing the place, even then. he wanted something to leave to his grandkids. he didn't make it? no. i'm not a farmer anyhow. he wanted something to hand down. it was world war ii. dad enlisted, mom took sick. they sent me here to visit grandpa. i haven't thought about him recently. sounds like you were close. no, not really. not back then. he died not knowing what he meant to me. one great old man. mark. god.
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what's the problem? my friend's hurt pretty bad. hospital's 50 miles away. there's a doctor in twin rivers. hey, doc. doc, wake up. what's all the ruckus? this guy's hurt pretty bad. bring him in. put him down.
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yeah. you two wait in the front room. all right, doc. what happened, thurman? these fellows had an accident. doc's looking at his friend. i'll make coffee. don't bother yourself. oh, no bother. none for me. this man could use some. i got to go. i can't thank you enough. for what? for stopping and bringing us here. you're not from around here, right? around here, folks do for one another.
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thurman. here's some biscuits left from dinner. you wouldn't let me heat them. thank you much. you take care. have you eaten? i'm fine, thank you. i'll get that coffee. will he be all right? hard to tell. nothing broken. he has a concussion. head injuries are tricky. could i see him? he's liable to drift in and out. come on. mark.
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mark, can you hear me? listen to me if you can. you got to fight this thing, buddy. fight it. it's not your time to die. it's not your time. i'd say that's in god's hands, not yours or mine. you better let me check you out, too. no, that's not necessary. i'll say what's necessary and what isn't.
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that's funny. what? you don't have any heartbeat. i know that can't be so, but... i couldn't hear anything. you probably have a bad connection. try it again. well. i'll be darned! it's the strongest heart i've ever heard. you seem fit. you're welcome to sleep on the couch. we won't know about him for a while. i'd rather stay here with him. well, suit yourself. i smell some coffee brewing.
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if you need me, just holler. thank you, doctor.
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granddad. granddad. mark. mark. jonathan? i'm right here, buddy. i smell breakfast. welcome back. it's a remarkable thing. how quick he recovered?
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how much he ate for breakfast. thanks for what you did. didn't do a thing. beats me, the way he recovered. take it easy. oh, i will. where can we rent a room? there are rooming houses and the simms place. they exchange lodging for work. they still call it that, the simms place? it's what they've always called it. i'd like to see it again. you got it. hey, doc, ks. i'm glad everything worked out. thank you for that breakfast. it was a pleasure. take care now. try not to overdo. i won't let him. [radio plays in the mood]
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i can't get over it. they call the ranch the simms place. that was my granddad's name. carl fred simms. the people probably call it what they always did. yeah, you're probably right. this place has not changed an iota since i was a kid. look at these cars. yeah, they're old. these cars are worth some money nowadays. i'll bet. listen to that. what? the music. even it hasn't changed. it must be an oldies station. spooky. i mean nice, but spooky. we got a long walk ahead.
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the old booney bridge. how's it look? like i just left it. it's been 40 years. i spent some time here. doing what, fishing? no, playing hooky. i'd say i was going to school. i'd come here and wish i was in oakland. i loved this spot. hey. you all right? i just got a little dizzy. i'm fine. hey, take a look. looks like somebody stole your spot. yeah, looks like.
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hi, there. what do you want? i shouldn't talk to hoboes. what? you look like bums. we got a real sweetheart here. hey, you know i used to play hooky here. i ain't playing hooky. nobody said you were. we're going to the simms place. if you go down there, you better not rat on me to my granddad. nobody's going to rat. what's your grandpa's name? boy, are you stupid. and you're an obnoxious little brat. how's that? why are we stupid? you said you're looking for the simms place. that's my granddad's name, mr. simms. what's your name? what's it to you? so i don't call you "hey, you."
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what's your name? mark. mark gordon.
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jonathan, what's happening? that kid's me, 9 years old. that's right. same sweet dispositon and all. but how can that be? you said your grandfather died without knowing how you felt about him. yeah. you're getting a second chance, mark. get that little boy to tell his grandfather how much he loves him. you knew all along? no. i didn't till i met the boy. then i knew. what is this, a dream? does it feel like a dream? no. then it isn't.
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mr. simms. could we talk to you? what can i do for you? granddad. what? you remind me of my granddad. oh, i do, do i? yes, sir. you sound like you're trying to soft-soap me. you're here looking for a handout. you're barking up the wrong tree. now get off my land. judas priest. first two bums and now another, only this one wears his sunday school suit.
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i know where you got your disposition from. hello, there, carl fred. mr. stone. what brings you here? you'll help me with the chores? no, no. actually, i'm afraid i have some unpleasant news for you. you never brought any other kind. the bankers wouldn't make another loan. why? you know why. your well's dried up. you just can't farm without water. i need the loan to dig a well. there's no guarantee you'd find water. i'm sorry. make a payment in 48 hours or we take possession.
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land's just dollars and cents to you. farming's a business, carl fred. if you can't cut it, then you lose. oh. by the way, my daughter and son-in-law are looking for a place. sell this place to me before the bank takes possession, you'll make yourself $1,000. $1,000? this land has been in my family over 100 years. it's more than you'll get in two days, which is nothing. you've got that grandson to consider. how will you take care of him after you lose this place? you have until noon tomorrow to think about it.
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good day, carl fred. i thought i told you to hit the road. we hoped to find some work. you deaf? you heard that loan shark. i can't pay anything. room and board will do. we'll help dig a well. shows what you know. i dug 10 dry wells in the last 6 months. came up empty. how will we find the right spot in 48 hours? i've done my share of divining. that's hogwash. maybe it is. it's worth a try. it's a waste of time. this land's been in your family for 100 years? yeah.
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what business is it of yours? you must have kin buried around here. don't give that up without a fight. you seem to know how folks feel about land. my grandpa had a similar spread. they tried taking it away, but he fought for it. did he win? my granddad always said that winning was for prizefighters. life was a journey. ended up in the same place for everybody. what was important was what you did. he said that? well, now... i don't know what we'll accomplish in two days, but you're welcome to stay on. i'll show you where you'll sleep. mark.
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you can't tell him who you are. he's my granddad. i love him. he was your grandfather. he's that little boy's grandfather now. it's up to him to tell.
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make us truly grateful. amen. amen. amen. dig in. smells good. mark, how was school today? ok. there's something i want to discuss. i have a choice to make. i must make a mortgage payment or lose the ranch. if we can hit water in two days, which i reckon is near impossible, i'll make the payment. i don't know if i'll make the next one, but i'll make this one. or i can sell out right now... and pick up 1,000 bucks.
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what'll happen to me if you sell this place? where will we live? take you back to oakland. 1,000 bucks should see us through till your ma's healthy. i could return to oakland? i wanted to give this land to your uncle, but he got killed in sicily. a little grave is the only land he got. i hoped to hang on to it to give to you. to me? i hate this place. i want to go home. some okies sent me here for punishment because mom got sick. no, that's hogwash! no, it isn't. i hate this place! mark!
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well... i guess that settles that. you only fight for something when it's worth fighting for. you fellows can... help me start packing up tomorrow morning. hi. how did you know where i was? i know an awful lot about you.
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mark, listen to me. you blame yourself for your mother's illness. you two fought, you got mad, and you wished she was dead. you just thought about it in your head. next day, she was taken to the hospital. i never told anyone that. i know. it's an awful load for a boy to carry around. especially when it's not true. it is true. i told god i wish she was dead. she got sick and... mark. your mother didn't get sick because of anything you wished. you know something else? she will get better. your dad will return from the war. you're sure? yeah. tell me everything that will happen.
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i can't. all i can tell you is everything's going to be ok. i'll tell you what's important. you know, your grandpa loves you an awful lot. no. he only cares about his dumb ranch. mark. you, his land, his work... they're all tied up together in his head. adults are like that. they work hard to have something to hand down to their grandkids... because they love them. and they love the land so much. you know, you broke your granddad's heart tonight. i know you didn't mean to, but you did. no. he's like a rock. he don't feel bad because of anything i say. because he didn't cry? put on his act?
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what act? being strong. no matter what comes along, he can handle it, right? not true. he gets scared. he gets afraid. he doesn't let on. my dad's never scared. oh, yes, he is. believe me, i know. you know what your granddad's most scared of? no. that the family will be forgotten. your roots. that old man's got stories that would knock your ears off. he never told them. you never asked to hear them. that old man is a book. all grandparents are. they're like magic books that are filled up with who you are, where you come from. why your eyes are like grandpa jake's,
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